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Message from The Director

Dear Students & Parents

As we know to become a successful person we have to excel in every field of life and education plays a vital role in it. We always believe that excellence in education can make a radical difference in a person’s world. We believe in cultivating unique strength of each individual student. “A plant becomes a huge tree” if its roots are strong, so is the case with education. For higher education, one needs strong foundation. Keeping this in mind, we have introduced Pre-Foundation Division. In this division, we assure you that you will get the best support from us to achieve your dreams. We assure you that our association will be one of the most cherished decisions of your life. "Ankuram" is a place where you will be challenged to achieve your potential, find support as you shape up your future and open doors to success. We ensure that no stone will remain unturned in the endeavour to ensure you a great career path ahead.

Sujeet Kumar

Director: Ankuram India